Quick Look At What Espresso Is? How Is it Different …

By | December 10, 2018

Espresso from its Italian origin, today it is one of the most popular coffee drinks in the world these days. Even though pronounced incorrectly by many people as” expresso”, the taste of espresso never fades for those who love it. It is the best concentrated shot of caffeine having bitter taste, as it contain the high quantity of caffeine in it as per unit volume served, compared to other coffee drinks. Taking about the beans, let’s make this clear first that any type of beans can be used to make a great cup of espresso. It is preferred in different variation depending on region to region; some prefer light over the dark roasted. It all depends on ones taste. The best quality beans are those which are hand picked to insure high quality check and the ones that are roasted properly before brewing. Roasting is done just before brewing by the professionals to make sure drinks tastes good as the roasted coffee beans have shelf life of just about 2 weeks, after that you will not be having the same quality taste. That’s the main reason; the coffee 

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beans are shipped when they are un-roasted or green. The machine used to make the espresso drinks also plays a great role. Luigi Bezzera patented the steam driven espresso models in 1901, seven years after Angelo Moriondo who patented the first steam driven coffee beverage making device. Later numbers of changes were made and piston lever machine came in the market. These days’ numbers of machine are available in the espresso machine market, for reviews and more you can check these espresso machines marked under different price categories. Choose one depending on your budget and need. Before buying espresso machines always keep in mind, machines in the market these days are not actually espresso machines. As espresso drinking is considered as an art, true espresso machine comes with unique feature. Espresso machines at minimum must produce more that 9 Bar of pressure, in order to make excellent espresso drink. Professionals prefer pump or lever driven espresso machines, it all depends on your budget and need although. These machines are available in different variations also such as commercial, super- automatic, semi- automatic and those with capsules use.

Whichever top rated espresso machine you choose, the art of making great espresso comes with experience. Although espresso drink looks so simple drink, but it’s making process is a process to be learned for perfection. Espresso acts as base for number of coffee drinks, from latte to cappuccinos all are derived from the base drink – espresso. At the end it’s all about ones taste, some also prefer simple dark espresso with little sugar added to it. If you are first time going for espresso shopping, have a great shopping time.