How To Maintain Your Garden In Melbourne? Some Easy Tips

By | December 11, 2018

A clean and well-decorated garden adds to the beauty of any house.  An important part of gardening includes keeping it neat and tidy. To make your garden look beautiful, you should include cleaning of the garden at least once a week along with other gardening activities.

Following Expert Tips Will Allow You To Maintain The Beauty of Your Garden.

Throw away Trash:

The first thing you should do is clean up the trash from the open space. Anything like broken flower pots, unwanted plastic bags and other dirt should be disposedoff properly because that spoils the visual look and of the garden.



You should free your garden from any kind of weed even before you start planting. Weeds not only spoil the look of the garden but also attract various kinds of insects and plant diseases. These weeds spread the diseases from one plant to another. Also, they suck out all the nutrients and water from the plant’s body.Thus, you should clean it every week to remove the young weed sprouts that come out and never allow the young weeds to mature and develop.

Periodic cleaning:

The dead leaves and debris should be cleaned from time to time. You should keep an eye on ripe fruits as well because it attracts insects and rodents.  All the plants must be checked, and health of the plants should be assessed daily.  Any damage done by insects should be noticed and dealt with immediately to prevent further damages.  Wilted flowers and leaves should be torn from the plant whenever noticed.

Watering the plant Regularly:

To keep your garden fresh and blooming you should water your plants regularly.There are many company like, are qualified landscape gardeners in melbourne Which help you to maintain you garden easily.

Maintain a Notebook:

Keeping a notebook and jotting down the names of the plants actually help to keep track on them. You can keep a note on which plant is likely to bloom during which season.  Also, you can come to know about the plants that bloomed well the previous year and the ones that didn’t so that you don’t end up planting the wrong one again.

Map of the Garden:

If your garden occupies a considerably larger area,then making a map of the garden does not seem to be a bad idea. By doing that, you can track the areas where a particular plant is sown. For example plant like atomato cannot be sown on the same soil for two consecutive years. If you have a map, this problem can be solved with ease.