Electric Tankless Water Heater Pros And Cons

By | December 11, 2018

When it comes to water heaters, the buzz word now is tankless or instantaneous water heaters. People believe that tankless water heaters are considerably more energy-efficient than their tank-type counterpart. Normally, people have known about to how much extent tankless type water heaters are best as they heat water only when required and hence, there must be no standby energy losses. The trouble is that, this is not particularly precise. In few conditions, tankless type can be a solution, however, not by all means and it does have certain disadvantages.


Tankless water heaters are the best when you want to get endless hot water, lower energy bills and additional storage space. These are some of the few reasons why people switch over to tankless models. Beyond energy saving features, most of the homeowners also feel favorable with the space saving feature of the tankless models. The tankless water heaters tend to save space by means of a compact design. These models also last longer and better for the environment since a rusty tank won’t end up in landfill. Moreover, tankless water heaters typically come with a longer warranty. With tankless type water heater, you also need not have to face breakdown problem with water across the floor.

The Electric Tankless water heater reviews consume thirty to fifty percentages less energy than that of units with tanks, thus saving a normal family about $100 or even more per year, based on the water usage. The tankless units tend to heat water only if you turn on the faucet. They typically operate on propane or natural gas. The major perk is that they avoid the additional cost of keeping forty to fifty gallons of water hot in the storage tank; hence you waste only less amount of energy. They also provide a continuous supply of hot water that is idea for filling a large hot tub or even a whirlpool. They are highly compact than a regular water heater and can be mounted on the wall.


With the help of tank type water heaters, it is possible to clean the dishes and also take shower all at a time. You can perform 2 or 3 tasks simultaneously, whereas with tankless type, that becomes quite impossible or difficult. Tankless water heaters come featured with number of parts as well as complicated controls. The more intricate the device is, the more likely for it to go wrong. During colder weather conditions, care should be taken to drain them completely when they are out of use or they will get damaged out of freezing. The primary drawback of tankless water heaters is their upfront cost. Since tankless units come with high-powered burners, they also need special venting requirements. Natural gas burners usually require a big diameter gas pipe that adds to the initial cost of installation.